Naming, brand design, UX and UI for Archiporta — a first-stop resource for architects and designers arriving in London from overseas. Archiporta delivers straightforward, unbiased information to help Architects live, work, learn, play and, most importantly, thrive, in one of the world’s most creative cities.

Archiporta — Website

Archiporta was founded by the parents and friends of the Portuguese architect Renato Monteiro. I undertook the project to develop a name, identity brand design and website for the non-for-profit resource that provides honest and unprejudiced information to help architects and designers to prepare for, and take their first steps in the busy, vibrant and creative city that is London.

Archiporta — illustration

The project was designed with this goal in mind — clean, clear and extremely easy to browse or find relevant information. I commissioned Matus Mitas to produce illustrations for each of the structural areas of the site to not only look beautiful but to give visual clues outside of written language as to the nature of the information.