Product naming, copywriting, brand design, website, and brand manual for Treelab — a cloud-based no-code enterprise application platform that gives businesses the freedom to design custom, complex workflows that can be seamlessly integrated with other enterprise systems. 


The brand was designed to differentiate treelab from it’s competitors which were either industry-specific enterprise applications which are expensive, inflexible, and confined or no-code/low-code applications that are either too simplified or require far too much technical expertise to implement for many small to medium-sized businesses.

The product name was developed to revolve around a central, abstract theme, where all of the platform’s underlying features and components should adhere to the central naming architecture, keeping the complete product architecture feeling part of a whole.


My project involvement was to develop the name for the main product and each element of the product architecture. To design the main logo and iconography for the full product architecture. To create a brand manual for the product design team to use as a basis for designing and building the Treelab product. Copywriting for the mission statement and general marketing copy. And also designing the first iteration of the marketing landing page and website.